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Shots Fired

Last Thursday another kid loaded up with guns walked into a place of learning, and killed.
So, the gun debate is back in the media again.  I suppose that is good.  Better control of guns in a country with far too many gun deaths seems like a good idea to me.  I believe in background checks, semi-automatic weapons bans, waiting periods.  I am not sure what the point of a handgun is other than shooting people.  I think even our forefathers would agree that the guns out there today are not the single-shot muzzle loaders they considered when framing The Constitution.  If they could travel through time, I think they would tilt their heads to the side in disbelief, and say The Second Amendment was never meant to protectthoseguns.  But, gun control is not the solution to the problem.  A good idea, yes.  A solution, I don't think so.
The conversation about mental health care is back in our national consciousness again as well.  No doubt that is a good thing.  We have all seen the history…